Stone Creek Counseling Centers Has Been Created Around a Central Philosophy: Relationships Matter.


About Us

Stone Creek has a rarely seen viewpoint in psychotherapy: we believe that many clients do not need to be seen for an endless number of sessions.  Though in some cases, ongoing treatment is appropriate, often this endless treatment planning is expensive and counterproductive. This is why our services are offered to cater to your needs, whether that is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we are here to fit your need. 

We encourage clients to have a secure and trusting “fit” with their clinician.  From time-to-time, the first clinician a client sees may not be the best fit.  And since client – clinician fit is so important, we encourage discussion of fit, trust and client expectations. Some clients prefer softer, more encouraging and process oriented approaches to therapy, while some prefer a more directive approach to their therapy.  Both can be valuable, and we offer clinicians for either approaches or a combination of both.

Our Model

Stone Creek Counseling Center is staffed by 3 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, 1 Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and 7 Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapists, all working toward their license and also hold a Masters Degree. The Registered Associates are rigorously trained and have obtained their “Registered Associate Number” with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. If you choose to be seen by one of our amazing Associates, you will receive services at a discounted rate.

*The term “clinician” that we use refers to both Licensed and Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.


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